Tacking The Tsugaru

Like all the other Oceans Seven swims, channel swimmers around the world are gearing up for the Tsugaru Channel. In addition to the good number of Japanese relays with masters swimmers, channel swimmers from South [...]

What’s Trending In Open Water Swimming?

Among the thousands of Openwaterpedia entries of people, products, places, services, coaches, pilots and events, below is the current list of the 50 most popular online searches in Openwaterpedia. Openwaterpedia is an online reference and [...]

The Japanese Leg Of Oceans Seven

Tsugaru Channel is the Japanese leg of the Oceans Seven. This year, Stephen Redmond, Darren Miller, Craig Lenning, Michelle Macy, Forrest Nelson and Japanese masters swimming relays have conquered this channel. Representatives of the Tsugaru [...]

Triumph! Tackling Tsugaru Twice

Forrest Nelson has had two very experiences in the Tsugaru Channel. Earlier this year in May, the multi-channel American swimmer (English, Catalina, Molokai Channel, Cook, Anacapa, Palilolo, San Clemente) faced brutally harsh conditions (winds and [...]

Man vs. Woman vs. Nature In The Oceans Seven

The race to become the first to achieve the Oceans Seven is heating up...from different perspectives: Man vs. Woman. A former world-class swimmer vs. a former rugby player. Speed vs. Acclimatization. Ireland vs. Australia vs. [...]

Adam Walker Among The Oceans Seven Adventurists

With Adam Walker's nearly 17-hour conquest of the Molokai Channel along an unprecedented route that torturously took him along the southern coast of Oahu yesterday, the British swimmer joins the growing group of marathon swimmers [...]

North Swim Goes South

The intrepid Michelle Macy who recently tried the earliest attempts at the Tsugaru Channel and North Channel to complete the Oceans Seven was caught short on both attempts by impossibly turbulent waters and summer water [...]

Try, Try Again. Michelle Macy Makes Molokai

Michelle Macy, a renowned cold-water swimmer with records sprinkled across the Pacific Ocean who once failed to cross the Molokai Channel, went back to her warm-water haunt and successfully crossed from Molokai to Oahu, landing [...]

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