Swimming In Beautiful Country

Courtesy of END-WET, down the Red River from North Dakota to Minnesota. "I loved Grand Forks and the Red River swim itself," describes Honolulu resident Michael Miller about the 2014 END-WET swim that he completed [...]

END-WET Begins And Ends Today

Photo of Darren Miller in the 2012 END-WET race. Article courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Michael Miller from Honolulu, Hawaii has completed swims all over the world. From his local swims on Oahu to [...]

When Sharks Are Spotted

We posted an article on the concept of Fight-or-Flight Response When Sharks Are Spotted (here). Triple Crowner Mike Miller of Hawaii explains his own perspective of the options to fight or flight...or freeze vis-a-vis apex [...]

Parenting In The Open Water – Part 1

Parenting is a joy as much as it can be challenge. But parenting of an open water swimmer takes on special meanings for parents who are experienced in open water swimming and, especially, those who [...]

Swimming Safely With Thoughts Of Sharks

Jellyfish, currents, cold water, sea snakes, lightning, large waves...nothing strikes more fear in the hearts of open water swimmers than sharks. A fin in the water is a scene that open water swimmers dread. A [...]