Accolades To Amy

Accolades To Amy Courtesy of WOWSA, Redondo Beach, California. On June 8th 2019, Amy Appelhans Gubser became the third person in history to swim across the 43.4 km Santa Monica Bay between Point Dume in [...]

Swimming In The Seas

https://youtu.be/JaBr6EbW6Ks Lewis Pugh of the UK describes his Seven Swims in the Seven Seas for 1 Reason: Mediterranean Sea, Adriatic Sea, Aegean Sea, Black Sea, Red Sea, and North Sea highlighting the need to [...]

Above The Ramparts

Courtesy of Nejib Belhedi, Sfax, Tunisia. Nejib Belhedi will release his autobiography, Above the Ramparts in the Arabic, French and Russian languages. He explains the reason for the title, "The reason of the title of my [...]

World’s Strongest Endurance Swimmer, Walter Poenisch

World’s Strongest Endurance Swimmer, Walter Poenisch Courtesy of Fayette Poenisch, International Federation of Professional Ocean Swimmers and Divers. While Walter Poenisch was recently inducted in the International Swimming Hall of Fame for his marathon swimming [...]

Nejib Belhedi To Pull 1000 Ton Ship In Sfax

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Nejib Belhedi's next World Iron Swim will call the Tunisian swimmer to pull a SONOTRAK ship weighing over 1000 tons in Sfax, Tunisia on May 22nd. Ridha Ammar, Chairman [...]

Extracting A Ship From Its Mooring

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Tatiana Ostanina is coaching Nejib Belhedi in his unprecedented World Iron Swims throughout Tunisia. Belhedi started off small, pulling a skiff, and has gradually and dramatically increased the size [...]

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