Kimberley Chambers Achieves Oceans Seven

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. As the world turns, Kimberley Chambers kept swimming and swimming and swimming today. And the global open water swimming community gives her a big pat on the pack for [...]

Waiting Onshore For The Oceans Seven

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. It is natural and expected for world-class swimmers like Lynne Cox and Penny Palfrey to be on the highest echelon of the Oceans Seven list. But it is equally [...]

When Two Minds Become One

Photo of Anna-Carin Nordin and escort pilot Brian Meharg discussing a crossing of the North Channel where she achieved the Oceans Seven. When a swimmer and pilot get together, they become two individuals with a [...]

Adam Walker Goes 7 For 7 In Oceans Seven

Story courtesy of WOWSA. Photo courtesy of Jim Ryder (Stranraer). 7 chances, 7 successes. 7 attempts, 7 crossings. 7 years, Oceans Seven. Adam Walker became the fifth person and first British swimmer in history to [...]

The Success Of Failure In The Open Water

Courtesy of Katie Benoit, recently emerged from the North Channel. The sport of open water swimming is inherently risky. There is always a possibility that one's goals will not be achieved due to the tempestuous [...]

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