He’s Baaaaackkkkk. The World Versus Ous

He pulled off a brilliantly tactical marathon swim that played to his strengths at the 2012 London Olympic Games. Tunisian 3-time Olympic medalist Oussama Mellouli was apparently ready to ride off into the sunset as [...]

Greasing Up For The Open Water

Greasing up is the action of putting Vaseline, lanolin, sunscreen or other types of skin lubrication or skin protection on the body, arms, legs and face in preparation for an open water swim or triathlon. [...]

Now That Looks Like Fun

Artists created a whole lotta fun when they decorated fins manufactured by Speedo. Fins may not be acceptable in open water races, channel attempts or marathon swims, but they are sure a whole lotta fun [...]

The Time Is Now, The Choice Is Yours

As 2012 comes to a close, many swimmers take stock of their achievements during the year. Some swimmers, however, will focus a bit more on their failures (real or perceived), missed opportunities, unexpected situations and [...]

Double Century Swim – 2 x 100 x 100s

Lexie Kelly is planning a long weekend a la Ned Denison-style: a double century swim. "We will do our annual 100 x 100s Christmas set at McGaugh Elementary School this Friday, starting with toes in [...]

Grimsey Comes Back, Mellouli Will Be Back

Trent Grimsey is the King of the Sea for the third time in three tries. The Australian dynamo continued his run over the elite professional marathon swimming world with a strategic race on nationally televised [...]

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