Giving It With All Their Hearts

Nora Toledano, Mariel Hawley Dávila, Antonio Argüelles and Pat Gallant-Charette are helping lead a health wellness revolution in Mexico. "Mexico's Swim for Your Heart was a huge success with over 21,000 swimmers participating. 21,000 swimmers [...]

Pat Gallant-Charette Cooks Up A Strait Swim

Despite the outcome of Pat Gallant-Charette's attempt, she was more than optimistic. "Mother Nature has not dampened my spirit to continue with my open water swim adventures. If anything, she has energized my determination." Philip [...]

Eating Right

We have always wondered, especially after we polish off a pancake-eggs-juice-yogurt-orange-sausage-muffin breakfast, why we feel so hungry after swimming in the open water. If the water is warm or cold, rough or calm, no matter [...]

Fancy Meeting You Way Out Here

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. While the shores of Dover are crowded with channel aspirants from around the world and the fields of Manhattan Island Marathon Swim and International Self-Transcendence Marathon-Schwimmen fill up quickly, [...]

Be A Sweetheart On Valentine’s Day

Pat Gallant-Charette announced that the Valentines Day...Swim for your Heart (formerly Swim for Your Heart Feb 14) is a tribute to Norway's Alexander Dale Oen, a 2008 Olympic silver medalist, who died of a heart [...]

Tacking The Tsugaru

Like all the other Oceans Seven swims, channel swimmers around the world are gearing up for the Tsugaru Channel. In addition to the good number of Japanese relays with masters swimmers, channel swimmers from South [...]

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