How Lawyers Envision Great Open Water Events

"Far, far away from the most renowned hotbeds of open water swimming, Phil White has created an unlikely mecca of open water swimming and endurance sports in Vermont," says Steven Munatones. "White has enabled people [...]

NEKOWSA Clubhous On The Shores Of Memphremagog

Overlooking Lake Memphremagog very close to the Vermont (USA) - Quebec (Canada) border, the Clubhous is the headquarters and nerve center of the Northeast Kingdom Open Water Swimming Association (NEKOWSA). Owned and managed by the [...]

Cold Water Or Your Money Back

Phil White exudes an air of confidence. You not only puts swimmers at ease, but he also puts his money where his money is. He is touting the Georgeville or Bust as a 15-mile cold [...]

Sarah Thomas, Double-Crosser Twice Over

31-year-old Sarah Thomas did it again. After her successful Lake Tahoe two-way crossing in August, Thomas took on another two-way attempt in Lake Memphremagog that stretches from the U.S. state of Vermont to the Canadian [...]

Sarah Thomas, The Double-Crosser

After becoming the first person to complete a two-way bioprene crossing of Lake Tahoe earlier this summer, Sarah Thomas has accepted another double-crossing challenge: a 50-mile two-way crossing attempt of Lake Memphremagog between the U.S. [...]

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