The 2011 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim

David Barra and Rondi Davies have created one of the longest series of marathon swims in the world. Their 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim is one of the newest and most popular ultra-marathon challenges in [...]

Kingdom Swim Record Set By Ethan Saulnier

Ethan Saulnier of Somerville, Massachusetts established a new record for the 10-mile course in the Kingdom Swim in Lake Memphremagog on the Vermont (American) side. He beat Rondi Davies’ existing record time by about 4 [...]

A Long Week Swimming Down The Hudson River

What started as one man's dream last year has blossomed to the world's longest and largest ultra-marathon stage swim. David Barra and Rondi Davies organize the 2nd 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim, a 7-day stage [...]

8 Times As Good On 7 Straight Days

David Barra and Rondi Davies announced the 2nd annual 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim. At 120 miles (193K), his marathon swimming vision is the longest competitive solo swim event in the world. In collaboration with [...]

Dave Barra Goes On An Expedition

Expedition swimming is defined by the Open Water Swimming Dictionary as "swimming in natural or man-made bodies of open water including oceans, lakes, rivers, bays and reservoirs, together with teammates or swim buddies, usually as [...]

Follow Swimmers Live Around New York

The NYC Swim organization is on the cutting edge of marathon swimming technology again. The entire field will be tracked using GPS so family, friends and fans can follow each of the solo swimmers and [...]

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