Dangers And Risks On The High Seas

We believe the Bering Strait Swim is one of the most dangerous and inherently risky open water swimming adventures of all time. Like Arctic adventurers of yore, the men and women of the Bering Strait [...]

Conquistador Sails Strait Like Magellan

Randy Perkins of Seattle, Washington, also known as the Conquistador with his latest exploit, recently joined a pantheon of extreme swimming greats when he crossed the Strait of Magellan this January. Situated between Chile and [...]

Tyumen Winter Swimming Championships In Siberia

The Tyumen extreme swimming championships schedule is as follows: The 2-day winter swimming championship starts on December 15th, but swimmers must register the day before on December 14th. On the 14th, Ram Barkai, Ryan Stramrood [...]

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