Walking Into The Shrine, Going For A Little Dip

There are certain venues around the world where the luminaries of the sport have gathered and enjoyed particularly magical waters: Dover, Brighton, Waikiki, Aquatic Park, Copacabana, Acapulco, Midmar Dam, and Sydney among many other locations. [...]

The Pioneering Spirit Of Steven Black

At the reception at the Cork City Hall, pioneers and adventurers were as omnipresent as the glasses in the hand. Stephen Redmond (left), the Oceans Seven pioneer, and Steven Black of Sandycove Island fame, were [...]

Sandycove Island Up For Grabs

Swimmers can dream, can't they? They are celebrities in their own right, no? How great would it be in the iconic Sandycove Island were purchased by a swimmer or a consortium of swimmers? Among Hollywood [...]

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