Jean McKensie Cruises To Carpinteria

Jean McKensie was a Carpinteria, California teenager who swam from Santa Barbara to Carpinteria in December 1926. The 19-year-old started together with Marjorie Buffington and Zane Steenrod along the West Coast of California, but she [...]

Most Difficult Swims In The World – Northern Hemisphere

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. The world has innumerable locations for incredibly hard open water swims. Rough conditions, cold water, sharks, jellyfish, tides, currents, long distances, high altitudes and logistical considerations are the primary [...]


Without wetsuits, in the dead of night, three swimmers braved the cold open-ocean to realize a dream...this is how filmmaker Ben Pitterle of Element 8 Productions opens DRIVEN. DRIVEN documents the experiences of three individuals [...]