Sun’s Coming Up, Better Get In

Courtesy of WOWSA, Tower 26 workout on Santa Monica Beach, California with Amy Dantzler [smiling above]. How many times have you seen swimmers get up early for a morning practice, rubbing their eyes and moving [...]

Technical Tips With Tower 26

Part 3 of a series on Tower 26 ocean swimming workouts is courtesy of WOWSA. Early morning workouts in Santa Monica Beach can be tough, but the warm-ups, in's and out's to turn buoys, beach [...]

When Facing A Wall Of Water

Courtesy of CrossFit Games - Ocean Swim, Santa Monica Beach, California. For those ocean swimmers who enter the water when the surf is up, they all know to dive down below the crashing surf and [...]

Free Ocean Workouts With SCAQ

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. In America, there is no swim team with as many ocean swimmers as SCAQ, Southern California Aquatic Masters Swim Club. The massive adult swimming team is spread far and [...]

Open Water Swimmer Jamming In California

Sunny skies, wide sandy beaches, Hollywood, Disneyland, skateboarders, and surfers. There are lots of different images that come to mind when Southern California is the topic. And one thing that Southern California - a land [...]