A Champion Mindset Through And Through

When Thomas Lurz just barely touched out Brian Ryckeman, and Martina Grimaldi did the same to Angela Maurer in the FINA World Championships in Barcelona, the fantastic 25 km world championship race spelled the end [...]

Swim The Swan…Many Others Will

Australia's Rhys Mainstone and 2-time Olympian Melissa Gorman were part of something good. Very very good. Back in January earlier in 2013, they won $15,000 for their victories in the 10 km race at the [...]

Professionals Both On Land And In The Water

While professional marathon swimmers lead an idyllic open water swimming lifestyle, many of them also work either full- or part-time. While balancing a strict regimen of training and work, they take off as much time [...]

An Exercise In Open Water Swimming Democracy

The World Professional Marathon Swimming Federation was an example of democracy where dozens of swimmers from dozens of countries, speaking different languages with different lifestyles and cultural backgrounds, got together annually to discuss and debate [...]

The Perfect Female Open Water Swimmer

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. If there were an opportunity to magically create the perfect female open water swimmer, what would be involved? The swimmer would be able to swim well in cold water, [...]

Different Reactions To Jellyfish Stings

“Oh s**t!” “Not bad; I can take those stings.” “It feels like a branding iron pressed into the flesh.” “They felt like little pin pricks.” “Never had I felt such pain in my life.” “It’s [...]

Racing Across Waikiki Beach Time After Time

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. The overall winners of the Waikiki Roughwater Swim on Oahu in Hawaii include some very impressive ocean swimmers including legendary Olympic gold medalist sprinter Jim Montgomery. There have been [...]

Swimming With The Boys

"Racing against men helped make me what I became," recalls Shelley Taylor-Smith, the 7-time women's world professional marathon swimming champion. "They pushed me...and the men certainly did not like to lose to a woman." "I [...]

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