4 Long Days, 4 Longer Swims For Kristin Jones

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. The S.C.A.R. Swim Challenge has a wonderful way to showcase veteran and emerging marathon swimmers. Last year, Grace van der Byl swept all four legs of the 4-day stage [...]

Many Miles Longer And Wider Than A Mile

Teacher, author, mother of 4 children and open water swimmer Mimi Hughes will sign copies of her book, Wider Than A Mile, on Saturday, November 10th in Fayettevile, Tennessee at the Book Inn on the [...]

What Do You Call The Bering Strait Swim?

Due to weather and conditions, the Bering Strait Swim was reportedly halted for 10 hours (see report here in the Marathon Swimmers Forum). When Bering Strait Swim is halted in the middle of the relay, [...]

The Hardest Is Open Water Swimming

On August 10th, Dave Cornthwaite will undertake the hardest segment of his Expedition1000 project: a 1000-mile swim down the lower Missouri River running through the middle of America. "It will be the toughest expedition I [...]

How NOT To Look Like Shark Bait

Jennifer Figge, who caused quite a stir during her stage swim across the Atlantic Ocean in 2009 is now stage swimming approximately 3,000 miles from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to Hawaii. The 58-year-old adventurer has [...]

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