Oh That Has Got To Hurt!

Adam Walker has put in the miles. Adam Walker has put in the hours. Adam Walker has felt the pain. And he has also felt the joy, the excitement and the self-satisfaction of open water [...]

Explorers: Adventures of the Century

Rouven Blankenfeld was the Director of the documentary film Defeating Oceans Seven about Stephen Redmond's quest to achieve the Oceans Seven. This year, he directed an episode of Explorers: Adventures of the Century, a television [...]

Darren Miller Achieving The Oceans Seven

The people on the global Oceans Seven list truly come from all walks of life. Stephen Redmond is a former rugby player. Anna-Carin Nordin travels without a coach, trainer or entourage of any sort. Michelle [...]

Jose Diaz Achieves Success With Nadandolibre

Individuals who have been previous recipients of the World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year include race directors and swimming promoters (Randy Nutt in 2008), professional marathon swimmers (Petar Stoychev in 2009), watermen who [...]

Ka’iwi Channel Swimmers Association Grows

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Bill Goding and Linda Kaiser started the Ka'iwi Channel Swimmers Association and are offering certificates to all 28 of the past successful swimmers of the 26-mile Molokai Channel. "We [...]

Never Giving Up and Doing The Oceans Seven

To kick off the Global Open Water Swimming Conference, Stephen Redmond and Anna-Carin Nordin gave a fascinating swim-by-swim description of their Oceans Seven achievement. The audience was in total rapture. “I had this perfect day, [...]

The Pioneering Spirit Of Steven Black

At the reception at the Cork City Hall, pioneers and adventurers were as omnipresent as the glasses in the hand. Stephen Redmond (left), the Oceans Seven pioneer, and Steven Black of Sandycove Island fame, were [...]

Defeating Oceans Seven In Cork

Defeating Oceans Seven, the story of Stephen Redmond's battle to achieve the Oceans Seven produced by Wolfgang Merkel and documented by Red Bull Media House, will be shown at the 2013 Global Open Water Swimming [...]

Hypothermia Fears Stall Swim To Wales

When Ireland's Stephen Redmond does not finish a swim, you can guarantee a few things: (1) nature was beastly, and (2) plans are immediately hatched for a rematch or another swim. In yesterday's Ireland to [...]

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