What Is That Whistling?

Stephen Redmond hear the sounds in the Molokai Channel. Numerous others have heard similar sounds in the Strait of Gibraltar and across the Catalina Channel during their channel swimmers. The sounds of the whales were [...]

Film To Premiere At Global Open Water Conference

Oswald Schmidt and Paschal Horgan, organisers of the Global Open Water Swimming Conference in Cork, Ireland, announced the showing of the documentary film Defeating Oceans Seven starring Stephen Redmond, to the participants in the conference [...]

The Journey Continues Across Channels

What is truly admirable among endurance athletes and marathon swimmers is their passion and interest in the success of their colleagues, comrades and compatriots. Fast or slow, young or old, newbie or veteran, the open [...]

Positive Reinforcement Verbally In The Open Water

Positive words and encouragement – spoken forcefully among teammates, expressed quietly between two individuals or passionately expressed from the heart – can help lead to positive outcomes and results. As many athletes understand well, their [...]

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