Positive Reinforcement Verbally In The Open Water

Positive words and encouragement – spoken forcefully among teammates, expressed quietly between two individuals or passionately expressed from the heart – can help lead to positive outcomes and results. As many athletes understand well, their [...]

Darren Miller’s Rock Solid Six Pack

With his crossing of the Cook Strait last week, Darren Miller has accomplished six of the seven channels of the Oceans Seven challenge. His 10 hour 42 minute crossing was done stroke for stroke - [...]

History Is Lost And Should Be Found

Stephen Redmond traversed not only the North Channel, English Channel, Catalina Channel, Tsugaru Channel, Molokai Channel, Cook Strait, and Strait of Gibraltar, but he also traversed the world to achieve the Oceans Seven. Throughout his [...]

Watching The Midmar Mile From Above

Andrew Martens will be utilizing his RC Helicam Quadcopter with aerial camera capabilities during next week's Midmar Mile in South Africa. The RC Helicam is a remarkable innovation for the global open water swimming community [...]

Benjamin Schulte At The Head Of The Class

When we think about open water swimmers of the past, so many outstanding individuals come to mind from the 19th and 20th centuries. When we think about the contemporary swimmers of modern times, there are [...]

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