Tacking The Tsugaru

Like all the other Oceans Seven swims, channel swimmers around the world are gearing up for the Tsugaru Channel. In addition to the good number of Japanese relays with masters swimmers, channel swimmers from South [...]

Irish Who’s Who Honours Its Best And Toughest

It was a spectacular event. Camaraderie among colleagues caused the festivities in Fermoy, Ireland to stretch from long evening into next morning. Organizer Owen O’Keefe reported on the All-Ireland Long Distance Swimming Party here. [Read [...]

Kits Pool, An Alternative To The Open Water

Stephen Redmond of Ireland is hard core. Hardened like a diamond. So are the Black Rock Icebergers of Melbourne and the 1.PKO swimmers in Prague, Czech Republic. [Read more...] Copyright © 2012 by Open Water [...]

The Odyssey Of Open Water Swimming

When modern-day filmmakers, directors and novelists create movies, television shows and stories, they often use a literary formula that Homer used in the Odyssey, his classic poem written back in 8th century BC. The formula [...]

The Media Waves Of Open Water Swimming

Figuratively speaking, open water swimming has always seemed to evolve in waves over the generations. Like the ocean swells and tides that swimmers face, it seems major media coverage of the sport comes and goes. [...]

Oceans Seven List Heading Into The Cook Strait

With the English Channel, Catalina Channel, North Channel, Strait of Gibraltar, Molokai Channel and Tsugaru Channel seasons over for 2012, the global Oceans Seven season heads into 2013 and the Cook Strait season soon. Besides [...]

Aloha From One Island To Another

It was an unusual year in the Hawaiian islands. There were 17 channel attempts and 17 successes. It is an unusual year with a 100% success rate. The success probably had several factors working in [...]

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