The Japanese Leg Of Oceans Seven

Tsugaru Channel is the Japanese leg of the Oceans Seven. This year, Stephen Redmond, Darren Miller, Craig Lenning, Michelle Macy, Forrest Nelson and Japanese masters swimming relays have conquered this channel. Representatives of the Tsugaru [...]

Stephen Swimming Sionna

Stephen Redmond is making the most of his hard-earned post-Oceans Seven fame. He is also giving back to the community that supported him and the sport which pushed him to his limit and taxed every [...]

Tsugaru Channel Challenges

Craig Lenning, who has successfully crossed the North Channel, the English Channel, the Catalina Channel and Lake Tahoe as well as completed the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim and 24-mile Tampa Bay Marathon Swim, took his [...]

Stephen Redmond Achieves The Oceans Seven

Stephen Redmond Achieves The Oceans Seven Courtesy of WOWSA, Tsugaru Channel, Japan. Today, Under the strangest and unlikeliest of circumstances in a far-away land, the remarkable Irishman Stephen Redmond completed the Tsugaru Channel in Japan [...]

Breaking News: Stephen Redmond In Mid-Channel

After waking up resigned to head home defeated, the Tsugaru Channel finally smiled down on Stephen Redmond this morning in Japan. In a last-minute decision with the channel unexpectedly calm, Stephen Redmond, his trainer Noel [...]

Man vs. Woman vs. Nature In The Oceans Seven

The race to become the first to achieve the Oceans Seven is heating up...from different perspectives: Man vs. Woman. A former world-class swimmer vs. a former rugby player. Speed vs. Acclimatization. Ireland vs. Australia vs. [...]

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