SWIM, For Others In The Open Water

SWIM, a film by Matt Cook and Chantz Hoover, is about David Broyles and Rush Vann's marathon swim across the Strait of Gibraltar. To raise funds for severely wounded and disabled war veterans, David and [...]

Pat Gallant-Charette Swims For Your Heart

A full-time nurse always taking care of others, Pat Gallant-Charette takes her mission in life to the channels of the world. With the English Channel (15 hours 57 minutes) and Strait of Gibraltar (3 hours [...]

Simon Murie, Swim Trekking Around The World

Simon Murie, the enterprising founder and long-term visionary behind SwimTrek Swimming Adventure Holidays, is a very well-traveled marathon swimmer himself. He's done the following swims among other swim expeditions:• English Channel• Strait of Gibraltar (Spain-Morocco)• [...]

Half Century Club In The Strait Of Gibraltar

The English Channel has its Half Century Club, a group of swimmers who have successfully crossed the English Channel past their 50th birthday. The Cook Strait, the Molokai Channel and the Catalina Channel also have [...]

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