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Rough Water, Angry Open Water

When the Tsugaru Channel was added to the Oceans Seven, most channel swimmers around the world said, "Where is that? There are tides in the English Channel, jellyfish in the North Channel, huge ocean swells in the Molokai Channel, sharks and cold water in the Cook Strait, night swimming and whales in the Catalina Channel. How tough can the Tsugaru Channel

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Locke And Chambers Duo Finishes Three

"We did it!," Facebooked Kimberly Chambers. "Joseph Locke and I completed our Strait of Gibraltar swim in 4 hours 39 minutes. [It was] a magical swim from Europe to Africa with one very special person. [I am] very proud to be the first New Zealand woman to complete this swim. There were perfect conditions for the first couple of hours. It was like a

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