Tsugaru, Try Try Again

Craig Lenning successfully crossed the Tsugaru Channel in 10 hours 44 minutes on his second try. The renowned Colorado marathon swimmer, in a land-locked state from any ocean, is now into serious play to achieve [...]

The Argentine Legend Alfredo Camarero Passes Away

Argentine marathon swimming great Alfredo Camarero Guzman passed away yesterday. As one of the early pioneers of marathon swimming in Argentina and on the professional marathon swimming circuit in the 1950s, the dashing Camarero leaves [...]

Darren Miller, Climbing Up The Charts

Darren Miller completed the Strait of Gibraltar in 3:42 together with Jen Schumacher, Oliver Wilkinson and Jamie Patrick yesterday to shoot up the Oceans Seven charts. He is now tied for third in the overall [...]

Using Shark Shields In Open Water Swimming

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Penny Palfrey is also the only known open water swimmer to have swum near (over) two Great White Sharks and several oceanic white tips and other unnamed sharks both [...]

Matías Ola Swims To Unir El Mundo

Jose Diaz talks about Matías Ola's Unir el Mundo project. Between August 2012 and November 2013, Matías's Unir el Mundo project will take him from Marruecos in Morocco to Tarifa, Spain across the Strait of [...]

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