Patty Hermann + Martin Strel 5.0 In Tampa Bay

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Patty Hermann, a 57-year-old from Houston, Texas, is entered into this year's Tampa Bay Marathon Swim in Florida. This will be her fourth visit to the 24-mile race. "I [...]

Swim The Suck The Movie 2015

Courtesy of Dr. Karah Nazor, founder and race director of Swim The Suck, Tennessee. The Swim the Suck the Movie 2015 was filmed and edited by Dr. Karah Nazor's 15-year-old biology student Robert Noble (McCallie [...]

Swim Until The C.O.W.S. Come Home

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. The Chattanooga Open Water Swimmers (C.O.W.S) and Dr. Karah Nazor successfully hosted their 6th Annual Swim the Suck, a 10-mile open water swim through the Tennessee River Gorge on [...]

Swim The Suck Started

Swim the Suck started this morning along the Tennessee River Gorge in Tennessee with a large flotilla of kayaks and safety boats. For more information, follow the Swim The Suck here. Video above is courtesy [...]

Karah Nazor’s Idyllic Swim In Tennessee

Tennessee marathon swimmer Karah Nazor continues to out-do herself. After completing the English Channel, we wanted to do more for the sport. She is one of the few individuals who is capable of not only [...]

Getting Sucked Into Open Water Swimming

Renée Leslie is a pool and open water swimmer from the Indy Aquatic Masters swim team in Indianapolis, Indiana. The San Diego native recently got the open water swimming bug after completing the 10-mile Swim [...]

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