Will The Last Gold Be A Beginning?

Courtesy of Brent Rutemiller of Swimming World Magazine and Craig Lord of SwimVortex. Brent Rutemiller of Swimming World Magazine and Craig Lord of SwimVortex have published a petition that addresses the Olympic swimming doping program. [...]

Berkay’s Butterfly Brings Benefits

GPS tracker courtesy of Evan Morrison, Marathon Swimmers Federation. Melissa Yasmin Berkay writes frequently about open water swimming and elite open water swimmers, from Olympians to channel swimmers, for Swimming World Magazine. It will be [...]

Cupping Versus KAATSU

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. The Greatest Olympian of All Time, Michael Phelps, has drawn a lot of attention to the ancient Chinese art of cupping during his continued gold-medal run at the 2016 [...]

Contracting Diseases In The Open Water

Water-related disease information courtesy of Center for Disease Control, Atlanta, Georgia. Lynne Cox and the New York Times called for the movement of the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim from Copacabana Beach at the 2016 Rio [...]

Shoko Yonezawa Swims Against The Current

Courtesy of Swimming World Magazine. Shoko Yonezawa has been earning all kinds of accolades recently. In addition to being named as an International Swimming Hall of Fame Honor Masters Swimmer, the Japanese phenom was also [...]

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