Busy Times For Sharon Van Rouwendaal

Courtesy of Swimming World Magazine, Kazan, Russia. Thomas Lurz, David Meca, Trent Grimsey and a handful of other swimmers have famously competed in all the open water swims at a single FINA World Swimming Championships. [...]

Athletes Do The Right Thing By Craig Lord

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Craig Lord's most recent hard-hitting article is a must-read here (Athletes Do The Right Thing: Boycott FINA, Say No To Money Soaked In Sorrow Of Fran). Back in July [...]

When And What Swimmers Know Best

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Competitive swimmers know. They know extraordinarily well. They truly have a feel for the water. Certainly much more so than any other land-based officials can ever appreciate. Competitive swimmers [...]

How Times Have Changed In The Swimming World

Swimming World Magazine, the American-based monthly swimming magazine, was first published as Junior Swimmer in 1960. Over the past 55 years, Swimming World Magazine has covered many open water races, topics and swimmers with numerous [...]

The Strongest Surviveā€¦And Thrive

When German national swim team coach Dirk Lange founded Battle Training in Potsdam, he predicted, "The strongest will survive. We're offering it for everyone who is not scared of pain." Multi-world champion Thomas Lurz was [...]

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