Open Water Swimmer Hits Shopping Shelves

It is rare, exceedingly rare, for an open water swimmer to be featured on the box of a packaged product. Famous football players, yes. Well-known basketball players, yup. Olympic champions, certainly. Cartoon characters, all the [...]

Australian Women Excel In The Open Water

Australian Women Excel In The Open Water American basketball players. Brazilian soccer players. Canadian ice hockey players. Russian chess players. Japanese judoists. Korean taekwando athletes. The sporting world knows that these countries, their culture, and [...]

John & Tammy Van Wisse On WOWSA Live

John & Tammy Van Wisse On WOWSA Live Courtesy of WOWSA Live, Huntington Beach, California. Tammy and John van Wisse, an extraordinarily dynamic brother-and-sister marathon swimming duo from Australia, will appear on Open Water Wednesday [...]

Teaming Up Around Manhattan Island

Chloe Mccardel won yesterday's Manhattan Island Marathon Swim with an outstanding crew who kept her going against second-place Jaime Caballero."Many thanks to my wonderful paddler Niles Furlong who was assisted by paddler Richard Clifford, boat [...]

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