Thomas Lurz Wins Another World Cup In Mexico

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Expect the unexpected is a commonly understood concept in the open water swimming world. So is Expect Thomas Lurz in the front. The senior statesman of the professional marathon [...]

How Times Change In The Open Water

World open water swimming records are not kept by FINA for various reasons including because of the dynamic nature of open water venues. Competitions over the same distance differ in water conditions and temperature, weather [...]

The Strongest Survive…And Thrive

When German national swim team coach Dirk Lange founded Battle Training in Potsdam, he predicted, "The strongest will survive. We're offering it for everyone who is not scared of pain." Multi-world champion Thomas Lurz was [...]

3 Legends Organise 3 Races In Champions Cup

Legendary Russians professional marathon swimmers - Evgeny Bezruchenko, Vladimir Dyatchin and Larisa Ilchenko - have organized a open water swimming competition called the Champions Cup. The Champions Cup consists of three stages in Russia. The [...]

Thomas Lurz Goes 4 For 4 And Some More

The 15th FINA World Championships, held in Barcelona, Spain from July 19th to August 4th were the most watched competition in the FINA history. The total TV audience was almost 4.5 billion viewers worldwide. According [...]

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