Open Water Swimming In German

Frank Wechsel announced the availability of the German-language book of Open Water Swimming. The book authored by Steven Munatones is updated with photographs from the Olympic 10km Marathon Swim at the 2012 London Olympic Games [...]

FINA Taking It To The Edge – Part 1

FINA's decisions and justifications for its latest open water swimming rules are shocking and irresponsible. In our experience, observations and opinion, there is simply no justification to allow world-class athletes to race 5 km, 10 [...]

Thomas Lurz, Ambassador and Gentleman

Thomas Lurz of Germany was among the 15 selected nominees for the 2012 World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year that were announced today. [Read more...] Copyright © 2012 by Open Water Source

Foreign Input Into British Swimming

Three-time American Olympic coach Bob Bowman is best known as the coach of Michael Phelps. But the renowned coach also coaches open water swimmers including a fast, young swimmer named Gillian Ryan. While Bowman is [...]

Looking Forward To The Next Olympics

After the 2012 London Olympic Games, each country's coaches and administrators take stock of the results and then plan again for the next Olympic quadrennial. While Tunisia (Ous Mellouli, gold), Germany (Thomas Lurz, silver), Canada [...]

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