Brotherly Love Powers The Lurz Duo In London

The coach-athlete relationship is special. A great coach can help an athlete reach their full potential. There are plenty of athletes in the Olympic marathon swimming competition with a special relationship with their coach: Angela [...]

How Olympic Marathon Swimmers Feed (Drink)

The Olympic marathon swimming 10km will come down to a final sprint after 9,900 meters of an increasingly grueling pace. 25 women will weed themselves based on a combination of endurance, stamina, positioning, pacing, tactics...and [...]

What Is The Olympic Marathon Swimming Course?

Fast, flat and furious. Tough, tactical and tricky. Easy-to-see, easy-to-get-to and easy-to-understand. That pretty much sums up the Olympic marathon swimming course for the athletes, coaches and spectators at the 2012 London Olympic Games. Why [...]

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