Triple Crossing Of Catalina Channel Aborted

GPS tracking courtesy of Evan Morrison, Catalina Channel, California. Robert Palmese had raised the money, recruited the crew, trained the miles, and planned for the first three-way crossing of the Catalina Channel. But he had [...]

It Takes A Village To Do A Three-Way Crossing

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Robert Palmese completed a solo crossing of the Catalina Channel in 12 hours 21 minutes 2015. At the annual banquet among his Catalina Channel peers, he announced his attempt [...]

11-day Window For Chloë McCardel

Her mind is set. Her mindset is geared towards long, arduous swims across countries. Chloë McCardel twice prepared herself to swim a triple crossing of the English Channel. Although she swam blazing fast on the [...]