Pádraig Picks Up Personality Plaque

The relentlessly energetic Pádraig Mallon won the 2013 Senior Individual Sports Personality Award at the 2013 Newry and Mourne Sports Awards ceremony. Mallon, the 2013 World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year, is one [...]

If Triathlons Did Not Include Swimming

When we swim, our minds wander…and we were thinking… If the Ironman triathlon did not include an open water swimming component, what would have been the third discipline in the sport of Ironman triathlons? The [...]

You Are An Old-Time Swimmer If…

You know you are a wily old veteran swimmer if you... 1. can remember swimming an entire workout without goggles 2. came out of workout and remember seeing rings around all the lights 3. can [...]

Trouble Beneath The Surface

"Most triathletes are under-prepared for their triathlon open water swim segment," wrote Gerry Rodrigues in an interview with ESPN. "Introduce the extreme element of super cold water, coupled with their anxiety from a crowded field [...]

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