Trouble Beneath The Surface

"Most triathletes are under-prepared for their triathlon open water swim segment," wrote Gerry Rodrigues in an interview with ESPN. "Introduce the extreme element of super cold water, coupled with their anxiety from a crowded field [...]

Socks For Open Water Swimmers

Lisa Grossman is an American author from Long Island, New York who knits and blogs about her knitting. Grossman came up with some incredibly fun knitting designs. Art for Your Feet she calls her creativity. [...]

Where Are They Now? John Kenny

John Kenny was a former member of the USA Swimming national open water swimming team and professional marathon swimmer who turned his talents to the triathlon world. Kenny's latest podcast is here. He is also [...]

Is It The Recession Or The Open Water?

According to Running USA: 467,000..that's the number of estimated finishers and runners who completed a marathon last year. 10%...that's the total annual increase of runners finishing a marathon from the previous year. Sold Out...that's what [...]

Body Balance By Bayliss

Mark Bayliss enthralled the audience at the H2Open Day in England by explaining how he balances the needs of his different athletic disciplines. He discussed how he keeps his weight on and how he keeps [...]

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