48 Brazadas By Miquel Sunyer And James Manresa

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California. Neda el Món is marketing Miquel Sunyer's book during the holiday season. "This Christmas give Miquel Sunyer's book: "48 BRAZADAS" 48 Brazadas is the perfect choice. It is not [...]

How Patrick McKnight Spent 34 Days In Summer

Courtesy of Brendan Cooperkawa showing Professor Patrick McKnight swimming past Roosevelt Island and toward Mill Rock to finish the 2016 20 Bridges Swim.. The video above only hints at the trials that Professor Patrick McKnight [...]

Details Of The 20 Bridges Swims In 2017

Courtesy of Rondi Davies, 20 Bridges Swim Around Manhattan, New York. Rondi Davies, David Barra, and Alex Arévalo announced the dates and registration information about the 2017 20 Bridges Swim Around Manhattan. "As many of [...]

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