Glen Christiansen Makes Miracles

He was done. He was out. And it looked like he might never come back. Glen Christiansen had collapsed down a flight of stairs. By the looks of his crumbled body at the bottom of [...]

The Strongest Survive…And Thrive

When German national swim team coach Dirk Lange founded Battle Training in Potsdam, he predicted, "The strongest will survive. We're offering it for everyone who is not scared of pain." Multi-world champion Thomas Lurz was [...]

Darren Miller Achieving The Oceans Seven

The people on the global Oceans Seven list truly come from all walks of life. Stephen Redmond is a former rugby player. Anna-Carin Nordin travels without a coach, trainer or entourage of any sort. Michelle [...]

This Is Africa – The aQuellé Midmar Mile

I knew the words safari, savanna and Sahara, but Africa seemed to be such a far-off place. I occasionally watched the wildlife splendor of Africa on American television and the grand spectacular of its savannas. [...]

Jose Diaz Achieves Success With Nadandolibre

Individuals who have been previous recipients of the World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year include race directors and swimming promoters (Randy Nutt in 2008), professional marathon swimmers (Petar Stoychev in 2009), watermen who [...]

Thomas Lurz Goes 4 For 4 And Some More

The 15th FINA World Championships, held in Barcelona, Spain from July 19th to August 4th were the most watched competition in the FINA history. The total TV audience was almost 4.5 billion viewers worldwide. According [...]

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