Swimming With The Flying Dragon

It is only 19.5 km from shore to shore, a mere 12 miles at its closest point across the Tsugaru Channel. Comparing the times of the channel crossings of the 14 swimmers who have crossed [...]

When Lightning Strikes

International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honour Swimmer Yuko Matsuzaki has dodged a fair number of lightning strikes during her long career spanning nearly 20 years of professional marathon swimming, but lightning finally caught up [...]

The Journey Continues Across Channels

What is truly admirable among endurance athletes and marathon swimmers is their passion and interest in the success of their colleagues, comrades and compatriots. Fast or slow, young or old, newbie or veteran, the open [...]

Channel and Marathon Swims in Japan

Channel and Marathon Swims in Japan The Far East is so far away. But island nations like Japan present a number of wonderfully challenging opportunities for ocean swims from the tropical waters of Okinawa to [...]

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