Helping Others Navigate The Channels Of Japan

With the growing interest in open water swimming and the Oceans Seven, an increasingly number of people are inquiring about swimming across the Tsugaru Channel. Yuko Matsuzaki, who is the daughter of the former director [...]

How Far Could A Human Swim?

Theoretically, how far could an open water swimmer continue in one non-stop ultra marathon swimming effort? There are dozens of people who have swum non-stop for more than 24 hours, others who have swum more [...]

We Are All Homo Genuses In The Open Water

Connections develop when humans enter the open water that simply do not happen when homo sapiens are on land.While humans are adept at self-expression, the exchange of concepts, the organization of complex social structures from [...]

The Longest Solo Marathon Swims In The World

Stroke after stroke, kilometer after kilometer, hour after hour, marathon swimmers have the unique physiological and psychological ability to go for a long time, day or night, warm or cold, rough or calm, marine life [...]

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